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Ann Luchadé

Born in Niagara Falls, Retania Ann Drain was not raised with the exposure to fashion and style like many of her counterparts. As a child, her only exposure was while she watched her mother construct beautiful garments for her neighborhood friends and family. This sparked the beginning of Retania Ann's desire to follow in her mother’s footsteps, as she learned to hand-sew her own clothes in the 5th grade.

Retania Ann's passion for design continued to grow into high school, when she held her first non-violence fashion show. She hosted this event at the local Boys and Girls Club, where she was recognized by many of the local newspapers and magazine companies within the community. 

Retania Ann continued to pursue her dream, by attending Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, where she obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Fashion Design in 2002. After graduation, Retania Ann moved to Philadelphia and was employed as a Visual Merchandiser, then later branched off to become a freelance designer. 

As a designer, Retania Ann is inspired by architecture, shapes and the woman’s body. Every design is focused on how she can flatter the "real woman’s body", while allowing women to express themselves freely! Retania Ann states, “Ann Luchade's focal points are to fit and design for the strong, sexy, and fearless woman."