Ann Luchadé is a women’s ready-to-wear and custom evening wear brand that inspires attitude, edge, and global style to the modern-day woman. Retania Ann Drain is the Creative Director/ Fashion Designer behind the brand, Ann Luchade. 

Born in the honeymoon capital of the world; Niagara Falls, Retania Ann’s first inspiration for fashion design came from her mother, who was a seamstress. She had an incredible eye for fit, attention to detail, and was an impeccable draper. That creative influence would stay with Retania Ann and be the catalyst for her to earn her Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandise in 2002 from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.  Upon graduation, she quickly landed her first job as a Visual Merchandiser.  That passion continued until she launched her signature brand, Ann Luchadé in 2014. 

The brand inspiration is a combination of architecture, harmony and nature. Each piece created is designed to empower women to be unapologetic and a walking expression of themselves.